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As part of the move, all IP addresses will change. We are handling the switchover of these for the vast majority of customers, but if you fall into any of the following categories, it is vital that you take steps to change the IP address you use to point to your server from the old to the new during the migration (November 3rd 2016). You can find out your new address using the tool above.

  • If you are using external nameservers, or host records to point any of your domain records to an explicit IP address currently, then this will need to be updated during the switch.
  • If you use any software that directly references your web server by IP address rather than domain name, this will need to be updated before/after the switch.
Why is the move on a Thursday?
For logistical reasons, we have chosen this date to allow us to ensure we have what we believe are the best resources and technicians in Europe to oversee the move

How can I tell I am affected?
If you have a shared hosting package with us, or a non-cloud based VPS then you are affected. Only customers with a Cloud VPS or on our ‘Mission Critical’ packages are unaffected.

Is this a physical or digital transfer?
This is a physical relocation.

I thought I was on CloudLinux, why the downtime?
This is a physical server relocation, meaning the entire server is moved to a new location. During this time, the server will be powered down and disconnected from the network.

Will emails bounce?
Email servers generally retry sending a mail for a number of days if at first the server cannot be located.

Is my VPS affected?
If you are on a Cloud VPS then you are unaffected, and can ignore these mails