What is it?

VPS Accelerator is a service available to our Cloud Customers only – https://www.nativespace.com/cloud-hosting

It can substantially increase the performance of your cloud server by reducing the load time of your website.

No changes are needed by you, other than to ask us to turn it on.

How does it work?

VPS Accelerator compresses content such as images, stylesheets and javascript to reduce file size and bandwidth usage; these are then delivered to end users from the nearest location via our global CDN* network in order to reduce latency.

Finally, the content is cached in the browser with a long expiry time, to provide near-instant load times for future content requests, without compromising the ability to change the content.

What changes do I need to make?


VPS Accelerator requires no modifications to the web applications running on virtual servers.

All optimization is entirely automatic, and will not modify or reduce the quality of the source content.

Speed Comparisons

This benchmark shows our tests with  an e-commerce website running on a standard virtual server, compared with the same application using VPS Accelerator.

Original, without acceleratorWith VPS Accelerator
Effective File Size1.14MB 0.47MB
Load Time3.9s 1.9s
File Requests52 13

The below gtmetrix.com benchmarks are for a standard wordpress site, no changes were made to the site.

Without VPS Accelerator
With VPS Accelerator

As you can see VPS Accelerator can improve your website loading times giving you better customer retention, increased customer engagement and more traffic.


The cost of the service is a modest 26% surcharge on your normal VPS bill which is billed as an extra product on your invoice.

Up to the first 30 days are free, as the charge is added to your NEXT bill after which you can cancel by opening a support ticket and asking for us to remove the VPS accelerator from the following bill. (please ensure you allow at least 7 days notice for it to take effect)

*CDN – Content Delivery Network, content is delivered from a server closest to the user geographically.