Our new VPS Cloud solution has just gone live. Nativespace VPS Cloud delivers enterprise level technology at highly affordable prices. Some of the advantages:

• Reliability and Uptime – self-healing technology rebuilds failed web sites automatically in
minutes. True High Availability.

• Scalability – instantly scale resources up or down on demand. You need not worry about
capacity constraints.

• Costs – no initial investment in hardware and lower on-going IT costs. Because resources
are completely elastic, you need only pay for what you use.

• Control – full root access and control of the virtual 'server'.

• Reduce support costs. We offer full management if you need it.

• Full portability – Not happy? Move your web site to another Cloud provider in minutes.

The Cloud Packages

The VPS Cloud Hosting is available in three affordable packages from as little as £22.87 per month. The packages are Small Cloud, Medium Cloud and Large Cloud. These all come with predefined bandwidth, disk space, and memory, as well as processing power.

All packages are scalable as your website grows, and the three solutions only differ in terms of the starting specifications.

The small package is suitable for entry level customers while the large package supports enterprise-level e-commerce sites for the most demanding applications. The Medium and Large packages also have the extra option of having the cPanel (the industry standard Linux control panel) and WHM (Web Host Manager) installed on the servers.

You can also tailor packages to your exact needs if you have a clear idea of how much processing power, memory, disk space and bandwidth you require, developing your own pay-as-you-go cloud hosting package.

More info about our packages.

What are the differences between Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is the most popular hosting solution. It is designed to suit the tightest of budgets. But the compromise is that all users have to share the same server resources. Websites, data and applications are all shared on the same server. Resources such as CPU, memory, disc space and bandwidth are pooled. If one website overloads the server, all users will suffer from low speed or downtime.

This doesn’t happen on the Cloud. Why? Your website is not hosted inside a single server anymore. Instead your data is hosted on a cluster of servers, connected to work as one.

You are no longer dependant on a single machine. If one server fails, another server in the cluster becomes active and takes over the process of running your data and processes, so there’s no downtime.

Cloud Hosting is ideal for any business or e-commerce site that wishes to take advantage of a cheaper alternative to dedicated servers, but enjoy higher flexibility and upgradeability in comparison to Shared Web Hosting.

"Not sure which package? Contact our support team to remove the guesswork and configure a Cloud package to your exact needs. You can even operate pay-as-you-go packages, so you only pay for what you use.

For more information, please contact:   team@nativespace.com